Sunday, 22 August 2010

Weather changing!

The weather forecast has improved and it looks likely that the Welsh South East Combine will get a race tomorrow after all! The birds are being basketed tonight and I have made my mind up that I will be sending. The only thing I am unsure of is how many will go! I have 12 that are definitely going and possibly another 2 who hit wires but have healed up apart from a little feather loss. So I will make my final choice this evening when basketing the birds. The race is from Maidstone -177 miles, so will be tough as an West wind (headwind) forecast all the way! But I have never been frightened to test my birds and will not be shirking on this one either!

The Europa birds trained from 35 miles today and all clocked with 35 seconds of the winner. Their positions were 125th, 133rd, 137th, 319th, 332nd and 349th out of the 900 that timed in. I believe this weeks 5th Hotspot is going to be from 160 miles and they will go on the first nice day. I am hoping for a big performance from the syndicate birds as they have been improving rapidly as the distance increases so far to date.

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