Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Ouch that was a bad training toss!

Well its been an eventful day with 3 of the latebreds still out for most of the day! Pleased to say 2 are now back in the loft. One via the normal trapping method and the other via next doors chimney! So still missing the other one, but he has been sat on the house roof for most of the day so may choose to come in tomorrow!
I had a bad toss tonight training. I put in 2 birds that have returned from training tosses and rested until now. So in all took 22 (1 race bird) didn't go. On return to the loft I am down 5 in total! I went with my brother and he is also down 5! Hopefully these will all return early tomorrow morning.

The Europa birds were trained from 35 miles today and the syndicate birds recorded 88th, 260th, 374th, 465th, 496th and 840th from the 935 that were clocked in. For such a short toss the times of the birds were quite spaced out so whether they hit trouble on route I dont know!

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