Monday, 13 February 2012

Change of Plan

We have decided to change our plans for this years One Loft entries. The Rasbull Share Syndicate will now be entering 12 birds into the Somerset One Loft Race. There is an estimated first prize of £50,000 and therefore we have decided we would be crazy not to attempt to scoop the 'big' one! We have reopened the Share Syndicate as we were origionally entering 10 birds split between two one loft races but now we are entering an extra 2 we have a further 8 shares available. I have purchased 2 so that leaves 6 available. These are on a first come, first served basis and they will not be available for long! They are priced at £30 a share and further information can be found on the Share Syndicate page on this website.

In the loft our breeding is going very well indeed. We have 26 youngsters and around 18 eggs. We have 5 birds weaned off and in the next week another 10-14 will be moved across. I cant wait now to select the birds that will be going to various places this year. We have 12 going to the One loft race as mentioned above, 4 are going to B.Williams & Son, a number will be going to Eamon Wright of Shortcut Lofts, 4 will be entered into our Pigeon Pixels Breeder Buyer and 1 has been purchased from the Federation Sale by a fancier in Newport.
We have a lot of breeding to go this year yet, and I am planning to auction a full round off the stock birds on the Pigeon Pixels Auction site later in the year. News will be given on this in the future.