Sunday, 2 July 2017

17 youngsters gone to Mr & Mrs A.Winder

We had Alan Winder visit this afternoon to collect his round of 17 youngsters. Hopefully these birds can produce the goods for him. Alan now has quite a team of our birds with 28 currently in his loft.

We have our next round hatching out at present and these will either be sold (first ones of the year) or will be retained for One Loft entries. I will confirm any available when dates and numbers have been confirmed.

We plan to be sending to two One Loft races this year with five entries going to the Derby Arona and eight entries going to Atlantic Masters.

I am now looking forward to the coming young bird season to see how the birds we have sent out to test lofts perform. Hopefully there are some winners amongst them. :-)

Saturday, 10 June 2017

Next Couple of Months

We have the birds all sitting youngsters at present. Our hatch rate this year has been fantastic with a near 97% rate. We have 17 currently in the nest from a possible 18. 1 egg was clear. Most of these birds will be going to Mr & Mrs Winder who I believe will get them into the comeback races this year.

I will be selling a full round which I have just advertised on Facebook and these will be the only ones for sale this year. There will be around 18 youngsters for sale from each of my stock pairs. These birds have cost us thousands to assemble with the very best obtained from Koen Van Roy (De Rauw Sablons) and Jacob Poortvliet.

We have birds at 3 test lofts and I will be watching closely to see how these youngsters get on. With the information I obtain from these I will then be sending a team to Tenerife for the Derby Arona One Loft Race which we really enjoyed last year in our first attempt.

Saturday, 6 May 2017

Breeding Update

The 2 youngsters won by Clive Sewell in our competition from his pick of the loft have been delivered free of charge to him. Hopefully they go on to do very well for him.

We have also bred Steve Moulds 11 youngsters to test out for us. That is the 3rd test loft we will have birds in this year. Hopefully we can hear some positive news coming back from these later in the season.

We have split and re-paired the birds with new mates, we have 9 pairs currently paired up and we will be expecting eggs in the next 8-10 days. We have some very exciting pairs matched up so looking forward to the birds laying.

There is an awful virus doing the rounds at the moment and lots of fanciers reporting birds dying within 24 hours of catching it. Frightening stuff and so glad in that respect we no longer race ourselves as at least our birds don't come into contact with other birds. Hopefully the lads who have had this illness can recover in time for racing. I am hearing though some fanciers have lost up to 30 birds from their team!

Will update with any other developments in the future.

Sunday, 12 March 2017

Loft Update

Sadly Rasbull Bob has failed to return from the 2nd Hotspot in Derby Arona. He still got further than 2,700 birds and with just 270 odd birds left I am confident we can improve on this years result and will be keen to give it another try come December.

Today we dropped off 11 youngsters to our second test loft for the coming season, Mr and Mrs Winder. Hopefully Alan can get the birds performing and I will keen to know the feedback on how they get on. Tenny Tipper has already received 8 youngsters to test out and we have a further round about to hatch out now which will be going to Steve Moulds.

Friday, 17 February 2017

Great Result!

Extremely tough race in the Derby Arona for the 1st Hotspot from Gran Canaria. 1,579 birds were entered and I am pleased to say Rasbull Bob was one of only 148 birds on the day to return to the loft claiming 2nd Wales, 32nd Open in the process! This is a fantastic result for us and hopefully will put us in a fantastic position going in to the remaining races. 1,431 birds have failed to arrive at nightfall and our other entry Rasbull Jeff is amongst them. Hopefully more will work in tomorrow and fingers crossed Rasbull Jeff will be among them. This is another good performance from a son/daughter of Rasbull Semtex our No.1 breeding cock.

Thursday, 16 February 2017

Last Daughter of Blue Thunder Joining Rasbull Lofts

Wow.......we are so pleased to announce our latest addition to Rasbull Lofts. We have purchased the last daughter ever sold direct from Jacob Poortvliet from Blue Thunder from his 1st International winner from 16,572 birds! Blue Thunder was sold to China last autumn. The hen we have purchased is called Rasbull Boudicea and is from Georgina, who is nestmate to Geogio, No.1 stock cock for Jacob poortvliet! We are super excited by our latest purchase and will join our ever increasing quality stock loft here at Rasbull Lofts! For more information please see here:-

Sunday, 12 February 2017

3 more direct from Koen van Roy

We are delighted to announce that we have successfully purchased another 3 birds direct from Koen van Roy in Belgium. Koen needs no introduction being the owner of the Olympiad 003 - the famous Hereman Ceusters wonder cock. He also had a pigeon representing Belgium in the Olympiad 2017 a few weeks ago named 'Linda' who has won 27 x 1st! Two of our new purchases are Half Brothers to Linda!

Please find more details of our new introductions on out stock page:-

Rasbull Nemesis:- Direct son of Lucky 29!

Rasbull Ragnar:- Direct son of Lucky 29!

Rasbull Titan:- Direct son of Lucky Dromer!

Sunday, 29 January 2017

First batch leaving the nest

The first youngsters from this years breeding program are due to leave the nest. We have 8 leaving the nest in the very near future and heading straight to one of our test lofts for this season.

Wednesday, 25 January 2017

10th Training Toss - Derby Arona

We went into the 10th Hotspot with 2 out of our 3 entries still intact. With around 1,000 dropped to date we are please we still have our two main entries in the event following this training toss. Rasbull Bob finished 556th from the 2,299 birds sent. This has seen him once again move up the Ace Bird standing and is now sitting 25th Welsh Bird (135 entries) and 597th Ace Bird (3,059 entries). Rasbull Jeff finished this training toss in 1962nd but lives to fight another day!

Friday, 20 January 2017

9th Training Toss

The Derby Arona 9th Training toss took place today, the longest to date and our best performance so far! A nest pair direct from our No.1 stock cock Rasbull Semtex! ;-) Rasbull Jeff finished 7th Wales, 172nd Open and Rasbull Bob finished 13th Wales, 349th Open from the 2,486 birds that were sent to this toss. Rasbull Bob has now moved into 30th Wales, 730th Ace Bird. Rasbull Jeff is currently sitting in 51st Wales, 1140 Ace Bird. Rasbull Larry who is our 3rd entry in the event has not been recorded as yet, but there are still 200+ birds missing at nightfall.

Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Introducing Rasbull Valhalla!

We found out late this afternoon an opportunity had arisen to purchase our 3rd child direct from Jacob Poortvliet's No.1 Breeding pigeon 'Georgio'!

I am pleased to confirm we have now concluded a deal with Jacob Poortvliet and purchased a 2016 bred direct daughter from his No.1 breeder Georgio when paired to a daughter from his nestmate Goergina. We have named her Rasbull Valhalla.This will be our 3rd direct child from Georgio now at Rasbull Lofts and we cant wait until she arrives! 

Please see the pedigree for this fantastic addition to Rasbull Lofts.

Sunday, 15 January 2017

Derby Arona Training Update

Update on our 3 entries that have been entered into the Derby Arona One Loft Race!

3,059 birds were sent to the first training toss and for today's 7th training toss there were 2,709 basketed with 2,514 showing on the clock as things stand. So potentially 500 or so birds dropped in the first 7 training tosses! We are pleased to announce that after 7 training tosses all 3 of our entries remain in the loft.

The birds have been very steady to date mainly arriving with the main batch and in no hurry to trap but no concerns at present. You cant win the event in these early races but you can rule yourself out so its important to just get some time on the wing and arrive with the main batch and stay out of trouble.

Our leading contender in the Ace Bird standing is 'Rasbull Bob' who is direct from our No.1 stock cock 'Rasbull Semtex' when paired to 'Rasbull Nefertiti'. He took over as our leading bird in the 6th Training toss. He started very slowly and didn't like the traps but he appears to be improving as the time is going on. His positions have been:-

1st Training - 987th
2nd Training - 2095th
3rd Training - 2005th
4th Training - 1800th
5th Training - 706th
6th Training - 465th        
7th Training - 629th

Rasbull Bob currently standing in 836th Ace Bird Overall (3,059 Entries) and 38th Ace Welsh Bird (135 Entries)

Hopefully our 3 entries can keep improving now we are nearing the sea races and the hot spots!

Saturday, 31 December 2016

Youngsters in the nest!

Well, far earlier than we have in the past, we have youngsters in the nest prior to the New Year! As things stand tonight we have 10 youngsters sitting in the nest between 1 and 3 days old.

We have agreed to breed Steve Moulds from Moulds and Slatter in the Rhondda Valley Fed 10 birds as reward for purchasing the pair we donated to the charity sale organised by Tenny Tipper. Hopefully the 10 youngsters will justify Steve's belief in our birds when he was bidding!

We are looking forward to the start of the Derby Arona proper in the next week. Most of the birds have been activated so looks like there will be around the 2,900 birds in the competition when it resumes. Hopefully our 3 will give a good showing. We will update on our progress through but if you would like to follow please see here:- Our birds are under the names and are called Rasbull Bob, Rasbull Jeff and Rasbull Larry (I know...... but blame my son for the names!)

Finally, hope you all had a good Christmas and Happy New Year to all! ;-)

We are now on Twitter & Blog revamp!

We are pleased to announce we are now on Twitter! We can be found @Rasbulllofts. We are new to Twitter but hopefully this will be a good addition.

We have also revamped this blogging site. We completely changed the style and how the blog operates. We wanted to incorporate the website, the blog, facebook and twitter so we can update one and the updates will go to all media platforms. We have activated the comments section on the blog and we have also installed a navigation bar so you can navigate easily from the main website, to the blog and on to either facebook or twitter if required or you can return easily to the website. I think this will be a great improvement to how the site functions.

Hopefully, these changes will allow more fanciers to reach us through social media and be kept up to date with news from Rasbull Lofts.

Monday, 12 December 2016


Derby Arona One Loft Race - We are pleased to announce that our 3 entries remain in the lofts in Tenerife following the 5 prelim races. The birds have been named Rasbull Jeff, Rasbull Bob and Rasbull Larry. All 3 will now be activated to compete when the racing commences in early January.

In our own loft we have the birds all paired up and going down on eggs with nearly all 9 pairs sitting their first round. We have ordered 90 rings this coming year and hoping to really test out the birds we have introduced.

The only bird not paired up as yet is Rasbull Odin. We are waiting for the right hen to come onto the market and know exactly the hen we want for this fantastic cock. When we secure the hen we will then have 10 pairs breeding this year with us.

Saturday, 29 October 2016

Another Fantastic Addition!

We are very pleased to announce we have today secured the purchase of a fantastic addition to Rasbull Lofts. We have purchased 'Rasbull Odin' direct from Koen van Roy! This is yet another purchase which shows how serious we are here at Rasbull Lofts to build a very select stud of pigeons from the very best Europe has to offer. 'Rasbull Odin' is a De Rauw Sablon pigeon who is not only an Inbred Granddaughter to 'Linda' but also a Half Sister to her too! 'Linda' has won 27 x 1st including 1st Soupes 2,732 birds, 1st Soupes 1,572 birds, 1st Soupes 1,181 birds. 1st Provincial Ace Bird Middle Distance 2015. 6th National Ace Bird Middle Distance KBDB 2015. Koen van Roy will also be entering 'Linda' into the Olympiad and has very high hopes for her. All of Rasbull Odin's details can be found here on our stock page

Sunday, 16 October 2016

Pairings for 2017 at Rasbull Lofts

We have now confirmed our breeding pairings for 2017. We are very excited with the pairings and hoping the youngsters go on and perform very well. Below are pictures of the birds that will be pairing up with us on the 1st December. We have another 2 pairs that are not pictured Rasbull Rameses x Rasbull Kulpa 951 and Rasbull Tomahawk x Rasbull Twan.

Rasbull Semtex x Rasbull Aphrodite

Rasbull Super-B x Rasbull 067

Rasbull Zeus x Rasbull 02

Rasbull 061 x Rasbull Kulpa 950

Rasbull 27 x Rasbull Kulpa 699

Rasbull Kulpa 700 x Rasbull Nefertiti

Rasbull Ace Combine x Rasbull 01

Tuesday, 11 October 2016

3rd Test Loft confirmed for 2017!

We are very pleased to announce Mr and Mrs Winder from Newtown, will be our third test loft for the 2017 season. They flies in the Rhondda Valley Federation and will be joining Eamon Wright from Lurgan, N.Ireland and Tenny Tipper from Aberdare in testing out the Rasbull young birds in the coming season. I am very confident Alan and Lorna will thoroughly test out our birds and really put them through their paces having achieved numerous Federation positions in the past. They will receive young birds from all our stock pairs and will report back on their progress throughout the season so we can ensure all our stock birds are worthy of a place in the loft. I want to wish Alan & Lorna all the best in the coming season and hopefully the Rasbull birds can achieve some great performances for them.

Sunday, 9 October 2016

Another 2 stock birds joining Rasbull Lofts

We are pleased to confirm we have today purchased 2 new stock birds to join us at Rasbull Lofts. We have been in contact with Paul of S&P Kulpa. Following our purchase last January of a nest pair of his Heremans x De Klak birds from a pair of his stock that have bred 4 x 1st Federation winners, 2 x 2nd Federation winners, we decided that we would obtain another pair off the same pairing, again being a nest pair but this time a cock and hen!

Their sisters are currently in our stock loft 'Rasbull Kulpa 950' and Rasbull Kulpa 951'. All four of their Grandparents were purchased from Hans Eijerkamp & Sons.

'Rasbull Kulpa 951' was successfully paired to 'Rasbull 27' last and in her first nest with us bred a pigeon to win 1st Open* 300 miles (sadly was on entered as trainer), and also 3rd club, 68 birds. We have also sent one from 'Rasbull Kulpa 950' to the Derby Arona race in Tenerife so will be interesting to see how he gets on.

Hopefully these two further additions will strengthen our stock loft even further for the coming season ahead. Pictured below is 'Rasbull Kulpa 951'.

Friday, 7 October 2016

Another test loft confirmed!

We are pleased to announce that along with Tenny Tipper, Aberdare, Wales who will be testing our birds for the second successive season, we can confirm Eamon Wright from Lurgan, N.Ireland will also be testing the Rasbull Rockets for the coming season. This is great news as Eamon is a top fancier and races in the NIPA and will really test the birds that we plan on sending to him. The test lofts will ensure the birds we house at Rasbull Lofts are capable of producing birds that can do the business. This is the only way to ensure the birds we have are meeting the high standards that we have set. All stock birds we house will be expected to produce pigeons capable of winning and performing at the highest level.