Friday, 19 February 2010

3 to go!

10 of my pairs have now laid, so that leaves just 3 more to go. I have a feeling 2 will be laying tonight. All sitting well. 1 of the hens laid outside the bowl and the egg cracked, so she will only have 1 this round. It is from my of my main breeding pairs so will foster this egg under another pair and remove one from that pair. I have fostered my main pair under a pair of race birds and will also foster my second breeding pair under my other pair of racers. So at the moment will be on target for a first round of 20. Just hoping now all are full and all hatch out successfully. I Picked up the race programme yesterday so been busy. I have drawn up my race plan for the coming season, detailing training dates, target races, dates for pairing etc. Until next time.....

Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Eggs Arrived!

Well, 6 out of my 13 hens have laid. 2 Sunday, 2 Monday and 2 tonight! I am hoping for the rest to be down on eggs as well now within the next few days. Will keep you posted!

Thursday, 11 February 2010

Eggs very soon!

We should be having eggs very shortly, and hopefully by next Wednesday all 13 pairs should have laid. The weather has turned cold again so not ideal, but keeping my fingers crossed. Will keep you posted of how they go! My brother is well down the road in his first season in keeping pigeons. 100% hatch rate from his 12 pairs. I think I am going to have take some tips from him!

Friday, 5 February 2010

Paired today

After being separated for the last 2 weeks, my 13 pairs were paired up earlier today and all went down like a dream. I think having them paired previously and then re-parting them will help tremendously with them settling down in their own boxes and reducing the risk of fighting and smashed eggs. I am now expecting eggs by the 17th February and the 6th March for the first hatchings. The 3rd of April will see the first round weaned off. Out of the first round of 26 (all going well) 9 will be going to the Europa Classic (3 teams which form the Rasbull Syndicate), 6 to the South West One Loft race. I have entered a swap deal with a member on a pigeon forum so another 4 will be going there. So that will be 19 of my first round gone. After that I will look to build a young bird team for myself for the coming season. I have 8 coming into the loft from a breeder/buyer and 4 which will be coming the other way in the swap deal. The season begins from now!