Tuesday, 20 December 2011


The stock birds are now settled in their section. I have 1 pair that have still not paired up but I am happy to leave them pair in their own time. I had a pair that turned out to be 2 hens! So I have 7 pairs of stock birds that have paired up. 4 of those pairs have now laid and I will transfer these eggs under the race birds who have been left to their own devices. I have 14 pairs in the race section and about 8 of these have settled and several are sitting eggs. My main aim with pairing up early was to foster several of my best pairs and get them back down on eggs so hopefully by January I will have 4 eggs from all my top pairs. If I only have 12-14 young birds by January then I am happy with that as it still leaves plenty of time to breed my team of young birds for 2012.

Monday, 5 December 2011

One or two proving stubborn!

I still have 3 pairs that are not showing must interest mainly due to the fact that the hens were paired to other cocks in the same section last year. We will get there though! I have my top two pairs now paired up and that is good news! The race birds are together but they have been left to their own devices and will pair to who they want to.
The Rasbull Share Syndicate is now fully booked up this year and I am pleased to announce we have 8 different people who make up the syndicate for 2012. This is very pleasing and we have some old faces from previous years that prove the syndicate is fairly run and you get a run for your money. I can not wait now to breed the 10 youngsters that will make up this years team. Hopefully this will be a good year for the Rasbull Share Syndicate!!