Wednesday, 30 June 2010

All quiet this week!

This week has been very quiet in the lofts. I have kept the young birds in the last 3 days and they have had plenty of rest, food and water to build them up ready for the task ahead. In previous years I have rushed them into training early and concentrated entirely on that. However this year, I am going to take my time ensure the birds are flying well around the loft. I will probably keep them in again now Thursday and Friday. I plan to let them fly Saturday and Sunday and then on Monday training will be begin for this years youngsters. I am in two minds at the minute on the direction and the stages I am going to be training from. The normal place I go, I seem to get hit by hawks quite often and do not want a hawk going into them on their first toss.
There is the final race of the Old Bird season on Saturday but as the birds have not been out or trained '518' is not fit enough or prepared to go so I doubt I will be sending. He will now be kept ready for next season and will be raced as a 2 year old.
I have my 8 pairs of stock pigeons all sitting eggs at the moment, with 4 youngsters in the nest and about 6 eggs due to hatch by tomorrow. I was slightly down the other night when finding an egg off my best pair had been damaged in the nest. But that is how it goes.
I will update again on Monday to let you know how the first training toss has gone!! Its a matter of luck and I have just have to keep my fingers crossed they come through unscathed.

Saturday, 26 June 2010

Getting closer!

The 10 youngsters have now started taking to the sky and 5-6 have started flying with the main bunch. There are 3-4 who have a few laps and then seem happy to land on the loft but this will soon sort itself out. Training is still looking likely to start around the 5th July, so another week.
I have spent today washing the lofts out with Harka-Mitex to rid the loft of any Red Mite and also dipped all the birds using Chlorcarb. I do not think there any but its always nice to have a good wash out and keep the loft and birds in good condition to help bring them into optimum health.
Most of the stock birds are now sitting eggs and I have 4 youngsters that have been rung. I have now transferred most of the stock birds that will be retained into the 6 x 6 stock loft. Racing can not come soon enough now!

Monday, 21 June 2010

Training/race/young birds!

All 48 young birds that will be raced went out of the loft for the first time today. I have 38 that are flying very well. I have been reluctant to train until all 48 are exercising around the loft. The 10 had a walk around the garden and when out with the older young birds will soon take to the sky. I hope to begin training by the 5th July at the latest! The first club race is on the 17th but the first 2 races are only 50 miles, so will be looking to send to my first race on the 31st July.
'518' went to the race from Newbury on Saturday and was slightly behind but that was to be expected with him having his only 2nd race of the season after returning 10 days late from his first. He will go again to the Newbury race in 2 weeks time and then will be kept to race as a 2 year old next season.
The stock birds are now mostly all paired up to their new partners with several pairs sitting eggs and 2 sitting youngsters. I still plan to take a round of late breds from these and keep them over the winter to race next season.

Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Looking forward to good things!

Today saw the 9th and 10th youngsters hatch from 'Rasbull Trish'. I am looking to create a family around this fantastic hen who was 9th Ace Bird - Europa Classic 2009 from the 1203 birds that were entered. I also have her nestmate 'Rasbull Kate' (herself 17th Ace bird) and between these 2 birds I am hoping to form a fantastic family. I have been fostering eggs from 'Trish' so she is sitting another 2 eggs as I write this. Its the 2 that have hatched and the 2 she is sitting that excites me the most. The father is 'Rasbull Mr Perfect' a Willy Jacob pigeon from Ernie Goodyear. 'Trish' and 'Mr Perfect' between them were in the top 39 birds in 7 out of 12 races ranging from 1203 - 754 birds! Outstanding flying by these two super pigeons!
P.s - I have entered 3 birds out of 'Rasbull Trish' -06607, 'Rasbull Kate' - 06604 and 'Rasbull Mr Perfect' 06601 into this years Europa Classic. Keep an eye on them to see how they get on. Click the Share Syndicate link on my site and the results will be posted when the training starts around 10th July!

Sunday, 13 June 2010

Disappointing day!

It turned out to be a bridge too far for 'Rasbull Demon' as she has not made it back from today's race from Reims (378 miles). She is by far not the only one, with only 12 out of the 46 in the club making it back. There is always tomorrow and we will have to wait and see if she gets back.

This now leaves me with 1 cock left to send in the 2 remaining come back races this season. I am not too concerned as these were out of the birds that were purchased 2 years ago and a new generation of stock birds have been introduced as the previous generation we deemed to be not to the standard I require. I have used this Old bird season to fill time if truth be known until the youngsters from the new generation start racing. I have enjoyed the season and surprised that I have been able to compete in 7 races so far with just the 3 birds I started the season with.

Today started a big clean out of the older stock birds that were deemed not up to standard. I have repaired 6 pairs that will form the basis of my stock team over the next 12 months.

The youngsters are flying well with 38 now flying out with another 9 that have recently been weaned off. That gives me 47 youngsters to compete in the young bird season with. I am in the process of taking a late bred round and these will be off the new stock pairings.

Friday, 11 June 2010

Can't wait now!

'Rasbull Demon' was basketed tonight for Sundays Race from Reims (378 miles). She has been in good form this week and the preparation has gone perfectly. There will be no excuses if she fails to make it home. The wind is not ideal with a north wind expected at the liberation site and a west wind when entering the United Kingdom. The weather is good at the liberation site and an early liberation is expected. I hope she makes it back and I will update you all on her arrival!

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Change of plans due to the weather!

The weather has forced a change to the race date for Reims. The birds are now being basketed on Friday and will be liberated on Sunday. This suits and doesn't suit me but as the birds will have a better race I am all for it. The birds have been exercising around the loft the last couple of days and flying well. 'Rasbull Demon' is looking really well and had been fed tonight with the view she was leaving for the race tomorrow but never mind!

Saturday, 5 June 2010

Thats the first bit over!

Well 'Rasbull Demon' completed todays race in good time and if clocked would have been in the mix in the club result. About 3-4 minutes behind but that is nothing and I sent her mainly as a training toss for the 'big' one next week. I am confident she is in good form, condition and health and all 3 must be 100% if she is to have any chance of returning from Reims (378 miles) next Friday. I have a few little things that I will be doing different in the build up to basketing on Wednesday. If all goes to plan I will update on Friday to inform you all of her gallant return!

Friday, 4 June 2010

Newbury tomorrow

Tomorrow's race is from Newbury but due to transport problems I will not be clocking in and 'Rasbull Demon' will go just for a training toss more than anything else, in readiness for next weeks race from Reims, 378 miles. She has worked well around the loft this week and a good performance is expected of her. I have changed the feeding slightly this week and the full effect will be seen by basketing time next Wednesday. I would love to see this little hen come well from Reims but 378 miles is a long old way so will just have to wait and see! Lets get tomorrows Newbury out of the way first and go from there!

Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Ticking over nicely at Rasbull Lofts

Things are ticking over nicely at the lofts. The young birds are being exercised each evening and putting in around an hour each time. I have 30 odd flying out at present with another 9 due to join them any day now. There are 4 youngsters that are due to weaned over in the next few days. The majority of the stock birds are sitting eggs at the moment.
This weeks race has been changed to Newbury and I am hoping to send 'Rasbull Demon'. She went off the boil a few weeks back but is back on form now. She has had 3 or 4 single up tosses from 15 miles and is exercising well around the loft again.
'518' the cock bird who returned from the race 10 days late, has made a good recovery and is starting to replenish his weight. I will look to get him out exercising again next week ready for the race in 2 weeks time.