Wednesday, 30 June 2010

All quiet this week!

This week has been very quiet in the lofts. I have kept the young birds in the last 3 days and they have had plenty of rest, food and water to build them up ready for the task ahead. In previous years I have rushed them into training early and concentrated entirely on that. However this year, I am going to take my time ensure the birds are flying well around the loft. I will probably keep them in again now Thursday and Friday. I plan to let them fly Saturday and Sunday and then on Monday training will be begin for this years youngsters. I am in two minds at the minute on the direction and the stages I am going to be training from. The normal place I go, I seem to get hit by hawks quite often and do not want a hawk going into them on their first toss.
There is the final race of the Old Bird season on Saturday but as the birds have not been out or trained '518' is not fit enough or prepared to go so I doubt I will be sending. He will now be kept ready for next season and will be raced as a 2 year old.
I have my 8 pairs of stock pigeons all sitting eggs at the moment, with 4 youngsters in the nest and about 6 eggs due to hatch by tomorrow. I was slightly down the other night when finding an egg off my best pair had been damaged in the nest. But that is how it goes.
I will update again on Monday to let you know how the first training toss has gone!! Its a matter of luck and I have just have to keep my fingers crossed they come through unscathed.

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