Saturday, 26 June 2010

Getting closer!

The 10 youngsters have now started taking to the sky and 5-6 have started flying with the main bunch. There are 3-4 who have a few laps and then seem happy to land on the loft but this will soon sort itself out. Training is still looking likely to start around the 5th July, so another week.
I have spent today washing the lofts out with Harka-Mitex to rid the loft of any Red Mite and also dipped all the birds using Chlorcarb. I do not think there any but its always nice to have a good wash out and keep the loft and birds in good condition to help bring them into optimum health.
Most of the stock birds are now sitting eggs and I have 4 youngsters that have been rung. I have now transferred most of the stock birds that will be retained into the 6 x 6 stock loft. Racing can not come soon enough now!

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