Sunday, 17 April 2016

Great start to Rasbull/Tipper partnership!

A good start to the Rasbull/Tipper partnership with Tenny's first bird in the first race of the season being a Rasbull Rocket 2 year old cock. Tenny finished 3rd club from 97 birds. Onwards and upwards for our partnership....I am sure there will be plenty of red cards this coming season when Tenny takes receipt of youngsters from all 8 pairs of our stock birds!

Sunday, 3 April 2016

Update 3rd April 2016

All our new introductions have settled in well. We have them all down on youngsters or eggs apart from one pair who are due to lay shortly.
We have teamed up with Tenny Tipper for the coming season and he will be racing our youngsters to test them out in the Rhondda Valley Federation. 
6 have been entered into the Penywaun Breeder Buyer where very decent prize money will be flown for each young bird race throughout the season. We are sure Tenny will test the youngsters out fully and hopefully this partnership can be continued in the seasons ahead. 
We also plan to send a team to the Derby Arona for next years race. We were planning on sending a team to the Algarve Golden race but due to the timing of our breeding we will be unable to meet the deadlines for shipping for this season. I will update when more news becomes available.