Saturday, 13 January 2018

2018 - Breeding & OLR Update!

We have had a prompt start to this years breeding season having paired the birds up in November! The first round of 18 youngsters have been weaned off and 15 have today been dropped off with Adam from G.Thomas & Son (Multi National Winners) who have joined as one of our test lofts for the 2018 season. We have kept 2 back from the first round one from our No.1 cock Rasbull Semtex and one from Rasbull Chief. These two will be added to our breeding loft later in the year.

We have our 2nd rounders hatching out at present and these will also be going out to a test loft when weaned off.

We have had a fantastic start to the three One Loft Races we have entered this year. We sent 17 birds in total and at present we have all 17 still remaining. 4 x Atlantic Masters which have had 3 training tosses, 5 x Derby Arona who have had 8 training tosses and  8 x Gran Canaria OLR who have had 18 training tosses.

We have had some great positions already in the early training tosses and all the results of the daily training are being put on our Facebook page which can be found here:- Rasbull Lofts Specialist Breeding. We have had a large number of positions inside the top 100 to date in all 3 OLR's. Some of the early positions though have been as follows:-

Atlantic Masters - 14th International 1,674 birds (Rasbull Semtex x Rasbull Aphrodite)

Derby Arona - 1st UK, 22nd International 2,369 birds (Rasbull Semtex x Rasbull Aphrodite), 5th UK, 36th International 2,254 birds (Rasbull Semtex x Rasbull Aphrodite)

Gran Canaria - 3rd International 970 birds (Rasbull Kulpa700 x Rasbull Ragnar) & 9th International 970 birds (Rasbull Nemesis x Rasbull Odin), 17th International 990 birds (Rasbull Rameses x Rasbull Boudicea)

The pigeons from Rasbull Semtex x Rasbull Aphrodite who have had 3 results between them to date are nestmates! Hoping they can now continue to perform as the distances increase towards the Hotspot races.

Please keep checking our Facebook page and Twitter for the latest information as that is updated far more frequently than the website blog.