Saturday, 18 August 2012

Long time since last update!

It has been quite some time since I updated this blog! We have some great news to report and that is we have 'Rasbull Leanne DeCabe' back in the loft. Yes, she was our pigeon that was 2nd Club, 14th Federation from 1060 birds when racing from Lillers (272 miles). She was lost the following week from Brussels (378 miles). Nearly 8 weeks have passed since that race then on Thursday she was sitting on the trap waiting to get back into the loft! Amazing - where has this little hen been all this time? Chuffed to bits to get her back and hopefully this experience will set up her up lovely for next year!
Breeding is coming to an end in our loft with just 7 youngsters waiting to be weaned off now. We have not raced at all this year in the young bird races and as yet the youngsters have not had any road training. We will wait for the remaining 7 to get out flying and then they will be trained up on the nice days throughout the autumn and will be raced next year as yearlings. I did the same thing last year and managed to get 4 from Brussels (378 miles) so hoping to achieve the same sort of results with this crop of birds. We have 52 in total and hopefully over the next few months can get them out on the road and get them some experience of the basket. Until next time......