Monday, 26 March 2012

Racing is nearly here!!

The racing season starts in under 3 weeks and it has come around very quickly this year. I have been loft flying the race team for just over 2 weeks and they are flying fairly well at present. The hens are way out performing the cocks as we speak. I have decided to race Natural this season as I have youngsters still in the nest. This is far from ideal but I hope to manage to make things work at least until the youngsters are weaned off. I have been loft flying the cocks and hens separately as I find they just mess about too much if you let cocks and hens out.
I gave the birds there first training toss of the season this afternoon. I usually take them to 7 miles to start with but all 33 of them went straight to 14 miles. At present I am missing 1 bird and hopefully this will turn up later or in the morning. I split them into 3 baskets to reduce the risk of hawk attacks and casualties if a hawk did attack them. I think I will continue to do this for the rest of the training schedule. I am planning to take the birds again tomorrow but this time from 28 miles. I will keep them at this distance until I am happy they are confident and then will increase to 50 miles the week before the first race.
The breeding is going very well and we have around 34 weaned off and another 25 in the nestboxes at present. The birds going to the Somerset One Loft Race should be going in around 2 weeks time if all goes to plan.
I can't wait for the first race and I am looking forward to a good season!

Tuesday, 6 March 2012


The breeding season is now in full swing for us as Rasbull Lofts as it is with most fanciers across the UK. We have nearly every pair either feeding youngsters or sitting eggs. We have got around 17 weaned off and with the youngsters + eggs in the nest we are around the 60 mark as it stands.
I have been busy this last few days sorting out the 12 birds that will be going to the Somerset One Loft Race. The timing for my top pairs has not been great but we are getting there slowly. I am also in the process of sorting out which 4 are going to B.Williams & Son and which will be going to Eamon Wright in N.Ireland. Both of these lofts will be testing my stock bird youngsters this season.
I have put a new trap on the young bird section and the birds love sitting out in it during the sunny weather we have been having the last few days. They like nothing better than relaxing in the sun and warmth.
I opened the racing section a few days ago and a few birds took the opportunity to venture out and try the new way of trapping (the trap has been moved). I plan to give the racers an open loft as soon as the weather warms up a bit and they can come and go as they please when I am at home.
Speak soon and I hope your breeding season is going well!