Friday, 25 May 2018

Test Loft Update after 4 races - 2 x 2nds, 3rd, 2 x 4th, 5th and also 7th and 24th Fed!

We are 4 race into the season and our test loft birds have performed very well to date. We have had the following results from the 4 races up to 200 miles:-

In the first race Mr and Mrs Winder clocked a Grandchild of Rasbull Semtex to take 2nd Club, 7th Federation against 2,134 birds. The dam to this pigeon was Rasbull 01 when paired to Rasbull Super B.

In the second race Mr and Mrs Winder clocked another Grandchild to Rasbull Semtex to take 4th Club, 220 birds. The sire of this pigeon is Rasbull 27 when paired to Rasbull Kulpa 699 (The same pairing as the bird who won 1st Club, 1st Federation last year!)

In the third race Mr and Mrs Winder finished 4th Club, 192 birds again clocking the Grandchild of Rasbull Semtex who scored in the first race!

In the fourth race Mr and Mrs Winder finished 2nd, 3rd and 7th Club, 182 birds, all Grandchildren to Rasbull Semtex and all the same way bred as the Federation winner last year!

Also in the fourth race Moulds and Slater finished 5th Club, 24th Federation, 2,485 birds and this yet again is a Grandchild to Rasbull Semtex. The dam once again being Rasbull 01 when paired to Rasbull Ace Combine!

We are hoping to have some decent National positions from both our test lofts from the 4 race and will update as soon as the result has been published.

So a great start for our test loft birds scoring in each of the 4 races to date claiming 2 x 2nd Club, 3rd, 2 x 4th, 5th and 7th Club and also 7th and 24th Federation. What is more impressive all these birds are Grandchildren to our No.1 stock cock Rasbull Semtex! 

Other news:-

Just to update our pigeon who finished 1st Welsh, 1st Uk, 12th King of the Atlantic, 26th King of the Sprint Averages in the Derby Arona sold on Pipa for 400 Euro! We hope she goes onto breed the new owner some very nice young birds.

Our pigeon Rasbull Angel who finished 24th International from Tan Tan in Final 2, 430km, in the Derby Maspalomas race will be coming up for auction soon. 

In addition to this years youngsters that have already gone out to test lofts and breeder buyers, another 3 have now gone to breeder buyer lofts namely, Mr and Mrs Winder, C.Price (Abercwmboi), and Danny Jeffrey. 3 went to Moulds and Slater one of our test lofts. 

We have a round in the nest at present and some of these will go to test lofts and some will be sold on auction on our facebook group page

We will update on further results in the near future but the season has started off very well.