Sunday, 30 December 2018

Breeding Underway

It has been a very quiet few months at Rasbull Lofts. However, we are now in full swing and preparations for breeding are well underway. We are slightly behind where we were hoping to be at this stage but we will soon catch up.

We have made some alterations to the loft which will allow the birds more access to the aviary which will be a positive come the nicer weather.

We currently have 14 pairs in the loft. We have been updating the stock bird section of the website with all the details and this can be viewed by visiting . The pedigrees of all birds on our stock page can be viewed in full.

I am confident as we enter 2019 breeding season with the knowledge from previous seasons we are doing so with our strongest pairings yet in our breeding programme.

Our test loft programme now heads into its third year and we have team of 21 birds with Mr and Mrs Winder, 9 birds with G.Thomas & Son and 2 or 3 with Moulds and Slatter ready for the old bird season.

Joining our test loft programme for the 2019 young bird season will be N.Bright & Son, Sheldon and Stone and also Mr and Mrs Carey & Tipper. We are confident these three lofts joining our programme which already consists of Mr and Mrs Winder, Moulds and Slatter and G.Thomas and Son we should have our young birds fully tested once again.

We had an outstanding year last year with 4 x 1st Club winners and 20 Federation cards but the highlight without a doubt was the 1st Club, 3rd Federation, 2nd Section, 4th National, 1,976 birds from 263 miles result Mr and Mrs Winder achieved with a Granddaughter of Rasbull Semtex. She is now back at our breeding loft for the coming breeding season and her pedigree can be found at's%2049er.html

We have 3 entries in the Derby Arona Race which starts in the next week. Again, we have a strong team in Tenerife who I am sure will do the loft proud. We will be looking to improve on our performance last year of 1st Welsh, 1st UK, 12th International Ace Bird King of the Atlantic Grand Averages and 1st Welsh, 1st UK, 26th International King of the Sprint Grand Averages.The pictures of our three entries are below. We look forward to updating you on their performances throughout the series.