Friday, 26 August 2016

Rasbull/Tenny Update

The Rasbull pigeons are performing excellent for Tenny Tipper this season. In the Maerdy midweek club today Tenny sent 14 birds in total including 3 Rasbull birds. He clocked all 3 Rasbull birds within 2 minutes to be 1st, 3rd and 4th to his loft. Sadly the wind and drag of the birds was against him but a great performance again from the Rasbull birds. Tenny has now had 5 races this season with the Rasbull birds being his first clocked birds in 3 out of the 5 races and 2nd in the other! Great start to the season and the results should be getting better as the distance increases. Hopefully with the wind in his favour for his loft position it will not be long before we are in the prizes with these birds. In todays race the first bird was from 'Tomahawk x Rasbull 01' - Grandchild of Rasbull Semtex. 3rd bird was from 'Rasbull Rameses x Rasbull 67 - Grandchild of Rasbull Semtex! This bird broke his leg early in the season and was having his first race today....great performance! Just take a look at the pedigree of 'Rasbull Rameses'! 4th bird was from our Doldersum cock 'Rasbull Ace Combine x Rasbull 02' - Grandchild of Rasbull Semtex. Really pleasing to see our 3 entries all in the first 4 birds to the loft today.

Tenny had another 3 birds in addition to these 3 in racing and they will go to next weeks race. He also has another 6 which will be catching the comebacks this year as they were a lot younger. There are some crackers amongst this 6 including a direct youngster of Rasbull Semtex and a direct youngster out of Rasbull Super-B - please see my last entry on this blog in relation to this outstanding bird!

Monday, 22 August 2016

Jan Doldersum & Son

Just been reading an article on Red Star lofts regarding the Jan Dolderum & Son partnership in Holland. They have just won 1st NPO Niergnies, against 7,989 birds flying 342km. This pigeon is a Granddaughter to 'Superbreedster 005'. We purchased the very last son to be sold from 'Superbreedster 005' in early 2016. At the time Enrico commented 'I hope that there will be great results in the UK with the sold pigeons. 005 is my best breeding hen ever. The pigeon in auction is the last one ever sold on internet ever, you are a lucky man.' He is currently in our stock loft and is known as 'Rasull Super-B'! Please see our stock page for more details.

The winning pigeon NL16-1135752 now known as “Lightening” and was 1st NPO Niergnies against 7,989 birds from 342km with a velocity of 1595mpm.
“Lightening” is a grandson of the “SUPERBREEDER 005” mother and grandmother to 11 x top ten NPO winners and he is bred down from a long line of top NPO and National winning pigeons.
Below is a small sample of outstanding performances in the pedigree of “Lightening”.
1st Tessender 14,000 birds
1st NPO 6,260 birds
1st National Blois 3,290 birds
2nd NPO 13,500 birds 660km
2nd NPO Hasse 22,372 birds
3rd Peronne 9,852 birds
4th NPO 4,468 birds 607km
4th NPO 2,500 birds 600km
7th NPO Hasse 22,372 birds
7th NPO Hasse 8,143 birds
11th Duffel 8,434 birds
13th Haasrode 18,043 birds etc

Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Tenny Tipper / Rasbull Partnership

Just to keep you informed how are youngsters are doing with Tenny Tipper this season. We gifted 19 young birds to Tenny this season for him to race and try out our new pairings. Tenny has split them into 2 groups. 12 in the main group and 7 that will catch the comebacks. 

To date this season Tenny has raced two races and I am pleased to say that out of the first group of Rasbull birds Tenny sent 44 birds in total to the first race with his first bird being a Rasbull pigeon '03' who also finished 13th Club. It was bred out of 'Rasbull Ace Combine' when paired to 'Rasbull 02'. This bird is a grandchild of our No.1 stock cock 'Rasbull Semtex'. In the 2nd race once again it was the Rasbull birds that were clocked first for Tenny with '02' leading the way to secure 8th Club. This one was bred out of 'Rasbull Tomahawk' when paired to 'Rasbull 01'. This again is another Grandchild of 'Rasbull Semtex'. 

This is a great start to the season and I am sure there will be far more results achieved with some super birds. I am sure Tenny will be keen to close the gap on his club mates in the weeks to come. 

I can also confirm we will be sending a team of 3 birds to the Derby Arona Race in September and these will be direct out of 'Rasbull Semtex' himself! I am very keen to see how these get on as the mother of these birds is 'Rasbull Nefertiti'.

I will keep updating as news and results are passed to me!