Sunday, 3 February 2013

Breeding & One Loft Syndicates

Breeding has been quite slow this year. I separated the birds after they paired initially to help reduce the risk of fighting and smashed eggs. I then repaired them around the 15th January and the when due to be laying we hit a very cold snap in the weather. This sopped the birds laying for a week or so but the last few night has seen the birds back into breeding mode and we currently have 24 eggs in the loft with more due over the next couple of nights.

Lots has been happening and I can confirm as of this season we will be flying from Abergavenny Kings club! I think this will give us a great boost in terms of being able to regularly compete for the club and federation positions. Abergavenny are in the same sort of boat as myself where they need the wind in the right direction as they are the furthest north club in the federation but with our birds amonsgt their birds it bodes well for us this season. For the past two seasons we didnt have the pull of these birds and this is why we struggled to get any club results. When I used to fly years ago in partnership with my dad we joined the Abergavenny club and only had 4 races with them but in that short time we did win one!! So the future is looking good!

I can't wait now to get the Somerset One Loft birds bred, weaned off and sent to the loft ready for the summer's event. All shares have been sold and that is fantastic. Anyone interested in following the birds progress can do so by clicking on the One Loft section on this website.

I have been following the Million Dollar Pigeon race in South Africa the past few days and my ambition and desire to enter this event is glowing brighter than ever. I have been enquiring into the cost of sending a team of 3 birds and at present it would cost £660 to enter each bird, £160 to ship the 3 birds to South Africa so in total we are looking at £2,140 to get the team to South Africa. I would like to have shareholders in with me on this venture but would like no more than 12 - 4 shareholders per bird. This works out at £180 a share! If anyone reading this is interested please email me at After my 3 shares in each of the three birds there are only 9 shares available in this event. The Million Dollar Race is where is the best in world race and where the best prize money is on offer! Thank you for reading.