Saturday, 10 June 2017

Next Couple of Months

We have the birds all sitting youngsters at present. Our hatch rate this year has been fantastic with a near 97% rate. We have 17 currently in the nest from a possible 18. 1 egg was clear. Most of these birds will be going to Mr & Mrs Winder who I believe will get them into the comeback races this year.

I will be selling a full round which I have just advertised on Facebook and these will be the only ones for sale this year. There will be around 18 youngsters for sale from each of my stock pairs. These birds have cost us thousands to assemble with the very best obtained from Koen Van Roy (De Rauw Sablons) and Jacob Poortvliet.

We have birds at 3 test lofts and I will be watching closely to see how these youngsters get on. With the information I obtain from these I will then be sending a team to Tenerife for the Derby Arona One Loft Race which we really enjoyed last year in our first attempt.