Saturday, 30 October 2010

New introductions at Rasbull Lofts!

Rasbull Lofts have made their first purchases of the close season! I attended the Welsh show today and headed straight for the clearance sale of Clive Akers (Amesbury, Humphreys and Akers). I purchased a cheq hen Clive pointed out was his best racing hen. The details on the pedigree were a little vague but on doing a little research this afternoon I have found the following results this little hen has achieved. She was bred in 2008 so has only had 3 years racing to date!

2010- Club Result not known,6th Fed, 13th Combine (1,348 birds), 11th National 818 birds - 458 miles
2010 -Club Result not known,9th Fed, 16th Combine (6,563 birds), 9th National 2,693 birds - 193 miles
2010 -Club Result not known,74th National 2,649 birds - 196 miles
2010 -Club Result not known, 119th National, 1,679 birds, 368 miles
1st Club Maidstone
2nd Club Newbury, 17th Fed (3,000+)
2nd Club Guildford, 7th Fed (3,000+)
1st Club Newbury, 11th Fed (3,000+)
3rd Club Newbury
5th Club Epsom

To say I am over the moon with my new addition is an understatement! 4 times in the top 120 of the National in 1 season!
I am trying to find out further results especially from last season in the National races if anyone has any I would love to hear from you. I have contacted Clive but because he was in partnership he only has limited results/information at his address but he is going to have a dig and see what he can find! I also purchased a Wall, Lunt and Green Cheq Cock that Clive had brought into his loft in 2009 for stock purposes. 2 full sisters to the sire have topped the fed and combine in 2007. His dam has bred 5 separate fed winners. So fingers crossed this cock will produce the goods! I also bought a son from this cock that Clive has bred this year and was keeping for stock until he decided to sell up.

More new introductions will be brought in the end of the month and I will put their details on here once they have been secured!

Monday, 25 October 2010

Serious Planning

I have been very busy planning and working out what I am going to buy in for the coming season. I had a list of 90 pigeons 2 days ago and now I have whittled that list down to 33 with around 11 as my top targets! I hope to get 5 or 6 of these to add to my existing stock loft. I like this part of the season, planning your targets and then keeping your fingers crossed you can afford to bring a few in.
I have also been working out what in my loft will be staying and what will be moved on. I have a number of latebreds that will be sold to make room for the new birds that will occupy the stock loft nest boxes. The first birds will hopefully be brought in a week Saturday so will be saving my pennies now in readiness for the auction!

Saturday, 23 October 2010

Busy working on new introductions!

I have been quite busy lately what with the auction site and the new websites. The birds in the loft are ticking over quite nicely and coming to end of the moult.
I sat down last night to plan for the breeding season and on looking at the numbers in my loft I believe I have 23 hens and 16 cocks! That is giving me some cause for concern of what action to take and I will decide over the next few weeks regarding this.
I have been busy also planning on the pigeons that I intend to bring in over the next couple of months that are going to enhance my stock team. I currently have a list of 90 birds that will be cut whittled down to around 15 in readiness for the auctions. Out of this 15 I will be very disappointed if I fail to bring in at least 6 or 7 of these to join my existing stock team. I have a few ideas of the birds I definitely want to introduce and will keep my fingers crossed I am able to introduce them. Until next time...

Friday, 15 October 2010

Pigeon Pixels has expanded!

I have been very busy lately working on the Pigeonpixels group of websites. To date the auction site is doing ok, with 34 now registered on the site. The online directory is ticking over and will improve once the flow of traffic coming to the other sites increases. As well as these websites, we have today launched a brand new Online Forum and Chat Room for pigeon fanciers. This will take time to lift off but once has done so will be a massive hit! We are anticipating 12 months for all 3 sites to be productive. Anyone looking to access the site should go to and then click the banner for either the auction site or the forum.

In my own loft the birds are continuing to moult out and all the sexes have now been separated and relaxing in peace and quiet. I have been making some plans for next year and will update in a month or so when these can be confirmed.