Friday, 2 May 2014

Welsh Classic Challenge

Our entry from last year racing in the Welsh Classic Challenge for B.Williams and Son finished 4th Section, 702 birds, 51st Federation from 3,533 birds. We are very pleased with that performance and hopefully he can go on to produce more of the same in the longer races this season. His breeding is as follows:-

Sire:- 'Rasbull The Bullet' who was bred by Steve Fenech. He was entered into the Europa Classic in 2011 and was 7 times in the top 20 and 18 times in the top 100 from all races. He finished 6th and 13th Hotspots. 'The Bullet' is sire of 'Rasbull Smoking Bullet' - 19 times top 50, 8 times top 10 all races, 36th Hotspot Europa Classic 2012. Bred 4th Section, 702 birds, 51st Federation 3,533 birds!

Dam:- 'Rasbull Stylish Ways' who only raced about 9-13 races in total. She was purchased from J.Evans of Maesteg bereavement sale. In her short career she won 1st Club, 1st West Section, 2nd Federation 1,672 birds. 1st Section WSE Combine, 17th Combine 3,202 birds, 205 miles. 1st West Section WSE National 1,710 birds 205 miles. 3rd Club, 6th West Section, 11th Federation Swindon, 3325 birds. 3rd Club Newbury 128 birds. 4th Club Swindon, 222 birds. Purchased for stock. In her first season at stock she has bred 4th Section, 702 birds, 51st Federation 3,533 birds!