Saturday, 29 October 2016

Another Fantastic Addition!

We are very pleased to announce we have today secured the purchase of a fantastic addition to Rasbull Lofts. We have purchased 'Rasbull Odin' direct from Koen van Roy! This is yet another purchase which shows how serious we are here at Rasbull Lofts to build a very select stud of pigeons from the very best Europe has to offer. 'Rasbull Odin' is a De Rauw Sablon pigeon who is not only an Inbred Granddaughter to 'Linda' but also a Half Sister to her too! 'Linda' has won 27 x 1st including 1st Soupes 2,732 birds, 1st Soupes 1,572 birds, 1st Soupes 1,181 birds. 1st Provincial Ace Bird Middle Distance 2015. 6th National Ace Bird Middle Distance KBDB 2015. Koen van Roy will also be entering 'Linda' into the Olympiad and has very high hopes for her. All of Rasbull Odin's details can be found here on our stock page

Sunday, 16 October 2016

Pairings for 2017 at Rasbull Lofts

We have now confirmed our breeding pairings for 2017. We are very excited with the pairings and hoping the youngsters go on and perform very well. Below are pictures of the birds that will be pairing up with us on the 1st December. We have another 2 pairs that are not pictured Rasbull Rameses x Rasbull Kulpa 951 and Rasbull Tomahawk x Rasbull Twan.

Rasbull Semtex x Rasbull Aphrodite

Rasbull Super-B x Rasbull 067

Rasbull Zeus x Rasbull 02

Rasbull 061 x Rasbull Kulpa 950

Rasbull 27 x Rasbull Kulpa 699

Rasbull Kulpa 700 x Rasbull Nefertiti

Rasbull Ace Combine x Rasbull 01

Tuesday, 11 October 2016

3rd Test Loft confirmed for 2017!

We are very pleased to announce Mr and Mrs Winder from Newtown, will be our third test loft for the 2017 season. They flies in the Rhondda Valley Federation and will be joining Eamon Wright from Lurgan, N.Ireland and Tenny Tipper from Aberdare in testing out the Rasbull young birds in the coming season. I am very confident Alan and Lorna will thoroughly test out our birds and really put them through their paces having achieved numerous Federation positions in the past. They will receive young birds from all our stock pairs and will report back on their progress throughout the season so we can ensure all our stock birds are worthy of a place in the loft. I want to wish Alan & Lorna all the best in the coming season and hopefully the Rasbull birds can achieve some great performances for them.

Sunday, 9 October 2016

Another 2 stock birds joining Rasbull Lofts

We are pleased to confirm we have today purchased 2 new stock birds to join us at Rasbull Lofts. We have been in contact with Paul of S&P Kulpa. Following our purchase last January of a nest pair of his Heremans x De Klak birds from a pair of his stock that have bred 4 x 1st Federation winners, 2 x 2nd Federation winners, we decided that we would obtain another pair off the same pairing, again being a nest pair but this time a cock and hen!

Their sisters are currently in our stock loft 'Rasbull Kulpa 950' and Rasbull Kulpa 951'. All four of their Grandparents were purchased from Hans Eijerkamp & Sons.

'Rasbull Kulpa 951' was successfully paired to 'Rasbull 27' last and in her first nest with us bred a pigeon to win 1st Open* 300 miles (sadly was on entered as trainer), and also 3rd club, 68 birds. We have also sent one from 'Rasbull Kulpa 950' to the Derby Arona race in Tenerife so will be interesting to see how he gets on.

Hopefully these two further additions will strengthen our stock loft even further for the coming season ahead. Pictured below is 'Rasbull Kulpa 951'.

Friday, 7 October 2016

Another test loft confirmed!

We are pleased to announce that along with Tenny Tipper, Aberdare, Wales who will be testing our birds for the second successive season, we can confirm Eamon Wright from Lurgan, N.Ireland will also be testing the Rasbull Rockets for the coming season. This is great news as Eamon is a top fancier and races in the NIPA and will really test the birds that we plan on sending to him. The test lofts will ensure the birds we house at Rasbull Lofts are capable of producing birds that can do the business. This is the only way to ensure the birds we have are meeting the high standards that we have set. All stock birds we house will be expected to produce pigeons capable of winning and performing at the highest level.

Monday, 3 October 2016

Two fantastic new additions to the stock loft

We are pleased to announce that once again Rasbull Lofts have laid down our ambitions for the future with the purchase of 2 outstanding additions to our stock loft. We have managed to secure 2 direct children from Jacob Poortvliet out of his No.1 breeding pigeon 'Georgio'! We are very excited by these purchases and fully expect them to produce fantastic pigeons as their parents breed winner for fun! To view the pigeons please see our stock section where both pigeons are displayed along with their pedigrees!

Georgio sire to 'Georgio Armani' SAMDPR Entrant in 2016 winning 1st Training 2 - 4,000 birds, 6th Training 12 - 2,300 birds, 8th Hot Spot 3 - 2,400 birds, 9th Hot Spot 1 - 3,000 birds, 84th Hot Spot 2 - 2,800 birds. Georgio is also G.Sire of the SAMPDR Car winner in Hotspot 5, 2016 & Co winner of 3 pigeon Challenge Hotspot 3!

Georgio is sire also to 'Gina' 8 x 1st, 6 x 2nd for Jacob Poortvliet,1st Ace Bird Middle Distance Fed. (16 clubs) 2015, 1st Ace Bird Middle Distance Fed. 2016, 1st Ace Bird Short Distance overall, 4th Provincial Ace bird SD + MD 2015, 10th Provinical Ace Bird SD + MD 2016, 2nd Zutphen 7,955 birds, 2nd Duffel - 1,145 birds, 2nd Gennep - 450 birds, 8th Quievrain - 3,339 birds, 12th Provincial Zandvliet - 19,893 birds, 16th Laon - 6,586 birds, 16th Asse Zellik - 3,875 birds, 88th Provincial Quievrain - 20,464 birds, 89th Provincial Sittard - 10,703 birds, 122nd Provincial La Louviere - 17,288 birds.