Tuesday, 11 October 2016

3rd Test Loft confirmed for 2017!

We are very pleased to announce Mr and Mrs Winder from Newtown, will be our third test loft for the 2017 season. They flies in the Rhondda Valley Federation and will be joining Eamon Wright from Lurgan, N.Ireland and Tenny Tipper from Aberdare in testing out the Rasbull young birds in the coming season. I am very confident Alan and Lorna will thoroughly test out our birds and really put them through their paces having achieved numerous Federation positions in the past. They will receive young birds from all our stock pairs and will report back on their progress throughout the season so we can ensure all our stock birds are worthy of a place in the loft. I want to wish Alan & Lorna all the best in the coming season and hopefully the Rasbull birds can achieve some great performances for them.

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