Saturday, 31 December 2016

Youngsters in the nest!

Well, far earlier than we have in the past, we have youngsters in the nest prior to the New Year! As things stand tonight we have 10 youngsters sitting in the nest between 1 and 3 days old.

We have agreed to breed Steve Moulds from Moulds and Slatter in the Rhondda Valley Fed 10 birds as reward for purchasing the pair we donated to the charity sale organised by Tenny Tipper. Hopefully the 10 youngsters will justify Steve's belief in our birds when he was bidding!

We are looking forward to the start of the Derby Arona proper in the next week. Most of the birds have been activated so looks like there will be around the 2,900 birds in the competition when it resumes. Hopefully our 3 will give a good showing. We will update on our progress through but if you would like to follow please see here:- Our birds are under the names and are called Rasbull Bob, Rasbull Jeff and Rasbull Larry (I know...... but blame my son for the names!)

Finally, hope you all had a good Christmas and Happy New Year to all! ;-)

We are now on Twitter & Blog revamp!

We are pleased to announce we are now on Twitter! We can be found @Rasbulllofts. We are new to Twitter but hopefully this will be a good addition.

We have also revamped this blogging site. We completely changed the style and how the blog operates. We wanted to incorporate the website, the blog, facebook and twitter so we can update one and the updates will go to all media platforms. We have activated the comments section on the blog and we have also installed a navigation bar so you can navigate easily from the main website, to the blog and on to either facebook or twitter if required or you can return easily to the website. I think this will be a great improvement to how the site functions.

Hopefully, these changes will allow more fanciers to reach us through social media and be kept up to date with news from Rasbull Lofts.

Monday, 12 December 2016


Derby Arona One Loft Race - We are pleased to announce that our 3 entries remain in the lofts in Tenerife following the 5 prelim races. The birds have been named Rasbull Jeff, Rasbull Bob and Rasbull Larry. All 3 will now be activated to compete when the racing commences in early January.

In our own loft we have the birds all paired up and going down on eggs with nearly all 9 pairs sitting their first round. We have ordered 90 rings this coming year and hoping to really test out the birds we have introduced.

The only bird not paired up as yet is Rasbull Odin. We are waiting for the right hen to come onto the market and know exactly the hen we want for this fantastic cock. When we secure the hen we will then have 10 pairs breeding this year with us.