Tuesday, 4 September 2012


The breeding season is finally coming to a close in the loft with just 1 youngster left to be weaned off. We have 47 in total and of these 45 are out flying. We have a group of 10-14 that are only venturing up to the house roof, however these will soon start to find their wings. I can't wait for all to be kitting and putting in an hours exercise. Soon after this they will be basket trained. I can't wait for this batch of youngsters to be trained and raced but the the racing will have to wait until next year! Looking through them, for once, I seem to have far more cocks than hens. I think the past 3 seasons I have been very short on cocks and had far too many hens but this year seems to be very positive for numbers regarding cocks. I will be flying widowhood next year so this bodes very well!
I have updated the website's various sections and I plan to take some photos of the race birds and upload those to the website including 'Rasbull Leanne DeCabe'. I will update if anything happens but otherwise will update when the training process starts in the near future!