Saturday, 6 May 2017

Breeding Update

The 2 youngsters won by Clive Sewell in our competition from his pick of the loft have been delivered free of charge to him. Hopefully they go on to do very well for him.

We have also bred Steve Moulds 11 youngsters to test out for us. That is the 3rd test loft we will have birds in this year. Hopefully we can hear some positive news coming back from these later in the season.

We have split and re-paired the birds with new mates, we have 9 pairs currently paired up and we will be expecting eggs in the next 8-10 days. We have some very exciting pairs matched up so looking forward to the birds laying.

There is an awful virus doing the rounds at the moment and lots of fanciers reporting birds dying within 24 hours of catching it. Frightening stuff and so glad in that respect we no longer race ourselves as at least our birds don't come into contact with other birds. Hopefully the lads who have had this illness can recover in time for racing. I am hearing though some fanciers have lost up to 30 birds from their team!

Will update with any other developments in the future.