Sunday, 17 March 2013

Breeding update

Breeding still remains slow at present. I have now paired another 3 pairs up in the main racing section and that has now freed up the main young bird section for the new young birds this year. We have 5 pairs of stock birds at present and 1 stock cock paired to a racing hen. One of our main breeding hens has laid 3 rounds and all have been blank so far which is very frustrating. She has been paired with a new cock and they will have one more chance together or I will be splitting that pair.
We have sent our first 4 bird to the Somerset One Loft Race this year. I met up with Terry in Aberdare yesterday and passed the birds onto him. I will have another 5 ready now in the next 2 weeks and these will be sent down to him to complete our team of 9 for this years race. Once all 9 have been sent to Terry, I will do a draw on Pigeon Pixels to see which pigeon is allocated to which Share Syndicate. This way I believe is the fairest way to allocate the share pigeons.
Racing is due to start on the 12 April but with us having snow yesterday and it being bitterly cold, my main concentration will be on breeding at the moment. When the weather picks up a bit and becomes a bit warmer I will give the birds a couple of short training tosses. Nearly all 36 race birds are untrained, unraced yearlings so I am going to have to take things very slowly with them this season. That suits me though as with having a limited number of stock pairs this year I am more than happy to allow them to feel settled when sitting on youngsters. We have 9 youngsters weaned off at present which I purchased from Aberdare yesterday and all have taken a perch. They were purchased from Concorde Lofts aka Jimmy Richards. I am very happy with them and hopefully a few of my own bred birds will be keeping them company shortly in the young bird section.