Monday, 21 June 2010

Training/race/young birds!

All 48 young birds that will be raced went out of the loft for the first time today. I have 38 that are flying very well. I have been reluctant to train until all 48 are exercising around the loft. The 10 had a walk around the garden and when out with the older young birds will soon take to the sky. I hope to begin training by the 5th July at the latest! The first club race is on the 17th but the first 2 races are only 50 miles, so will be looking to send to my first race on the 31st July.
'518' went to the race from Newbury on Saturday and was slightly behind but that was to be expected with him having his only 2nd race of the season after returning 10 days late from his first. He will go again to the Newbury race in 2 weeks time and then will be kept to race as a 2 year old next season.
The stock birds are now mostly all paired up to their new partners with several pairs sitting eggs and 2 sitting youngsters. I still plan to take a round of late breds from these and keep them over the winter to race next season.

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