Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Looking forward to good things!

Today saw the 9th and 10th youngsters hatch from 'Rasbull Trish'. I am looking to create a family around this fantastic hen who was 9th Ace Bird - Europa Classic 2009 from the 1203 birds that were entered. I also have her nestmate 'Rasbull Kate' (herself 17th Ace bird) and between these 2 birds I am hoping to form a fantastic family. I have been fostering eggs from 'Trish' so she is sitting another 2 eggs as I write this. Its the 2 that have hatched and the 2 she is sitting that excites me the most. The father is 'Rasbull Mr Perfect' a Willy Jacob pigeon from Ernie Goodyear. 'Trish' and 'Mr Perfect' between them were in the top 39 birds in 7 out of 12 races ranging from 1203 - 754 birds! Outstanding flying by these two super pigeons!
P.s - I have entered 3 birds out of 'Rasbull Trish' -06607, 'Rasbull Kate' - 06604 and 'Rasbull Mr Perfect' 06601 into this years Europa Classic. Keep an eye on them to see how they get on. Click the Share Syndicate link on my site and the results will be posted when the training starts around 10th July!

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