Monday, 29 April 2019

Online Auction - First offered for sale

After two and half years of testing out our birds following large investment and refusing to sell any despite numerous offers until we had faith the birds we sold were capable of producing the goods, we have decided that we are now in a position to offer a full round off every pigeon we have in an online auction which will take place on our Facebook page.

All our birds have been going to test lofts over the course of the last two and half years and have produced some excellent performances in that time including 9 x 1st winners, 1st Federation and 4th National. In One Loft races they won 1st UK, 13th International in the King of the Atlantic Averages in the Derby Arona race. We also finished 26th International in the final race in the Derby Maspalomas race.

More information will be published on here and on our Facebook shortly. The birds will be auctioned off in June 2019. These will be the first birds made available from our lofts to the general fancy.

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