Sunday, 21 April 2019

First race and a great start to the season!

Great start to the season with our test loft of Mr and Mrs A.Winder winning 1st Club, 2nd Club and 6th Club, 237 birds in the first race of the season with birds from Rasbull Lofts. They should also score well on the Federation result when announced. Congratulations to Alan and Lorna on a great start to the season!

The winning pigeon is a son of Rasbull Rameses - Sire to 1st, 2 x 2nd, 3 x 3rd, 2 x 4th, 2 x 6th Club, 5th, 19th, 33rd, 39th Federation, 70th, 71st & 81st National WSENFC, 5th & 35th International Hostpot OLR's.

Rasbull Rameses is a full Brother to 'Lucky Daisy' 6 x 1st, 30th National La Souteraine 16,665 birds and is Dam to 'Linda' 27 x 1st including 1st Soupes 2,732 birds, 1st Soupes 1,572 birds, 1st Soupes 1,181 birds. 1st Provincial Ace Bird Middle Distance 2015. 6th National Ace Bird Middle Distance KBDB 2015. Olympiad Pigeon Brussels 2017 Cat A. Nestmate to 'Linda' 4 x 1st.

The dam of the winning pigeon is Rasbull Boudicea - Dam to 1st, 2 x 2nd, 4th, 6th Club including 5th Federation. Also 5th & 35th International Hostpot OLR's. 53rd Ace Bird Averages OLR.

Rasbull Boudicea was the last daughter ever sold by Jacob Poortvliet from his International winner 'Blue Thunder' 1st Sens, 16,572 birds when paired to 'Georgina' nestmate to No.1 Breeding cock 'Georgio'!

She is Granddaughter to Thunder Heart Woman 1st Ace Bird Long Distance Combine, 42nd. National Ace Bird Long Distance NPO, 7th NPO La Ferte 13,404 birds, 17th NPO Albis 11,945 birds, 17th NPO Orleans 8,538 birds and is Dam to 1st International 16,572 birds - Blue Thunder.

Rasbull Boudicea also bred the pigeon to finish 2nd Club today when paired to Rasbull Kulpa 700 - Sire to 2 x 2nd Club including 5th, 12th Federation, 4th International OLR Hotspot, 63rd National WSENFC.

Rasbull Kulpa700 is full Brother to 6 x 1st Club, 5 x 2nd Club, 4 x 1st Federation, 4 x 2nd Federation, 2 x 4th Federation, 2 x 5th Federation plus many others. His nestmate also bred 1st Club, 1st Federation for Mr and Mrs Winder in 2017.

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