Saturday, 20 June 2020

All systems go for 2020!

Wow, its been some time since I have a posted an update but regular updates have been put on our Facebook page. I didn't think we would have old bird racing this year but its great to see the sport back up and running.

We have had a great breeding season to date with 38 youngsters having been dispatched to our test loft of Mr and Mrs Winder for the coming season. It will be great to see how this team do as it is by far the most that have left to date. Alan and Lorna have had youngsters from every pair at Rasbull Lofts and we cant wait for the results of their progress.

We have 1 bird still in the Derby Arona One loft race due to it being postponed due to the virus situation. He has now had 21 races and he is 3 races away from making the final. They started out with 3,200 and currently have around 600 still in the loft. Fingers crossed he can put up a good performance now he is getting to the longer distances that will suit him. He is a son of Rasbull Dicks 49er who was 4th National so I expect him to put up a good performance.

We have sent a hugely strong team to the Who Dares Wins One Loft Race this year. We have sent 9 entries and we could not have sent a better team if we tried! I am really looking forward to this race and seeing how this team of Rasbulls get on! The team consists of :-

3 from Rasbull Maximus 1st WSE National, Best Young Bird in Wales, Federation Bird of the Year paired to Rasbull Athena 2nd WSE National.

2 from Rasbull 01, Dam of 2nd and 4th WSE National, paired to Rasbull Rameses, Sire/G.Sire of 2 x 1st Club and 3rd, 4th and 5th Federation.

2 from Rasbull Nemesis, Sire of 1st WSE National paired to Rasbull D'Artagnan winner of 12th and 13th WSE National.

1 from Rasbull Chief, Sire of 2nd WSE National paired to Rasbull Kulpa 699 Dam & G.Dam to 2 x 1st Federation winners.

1 from Rasbull 27, Sire & G.Sire to 2 x 1st Federation winners paired to Rasbull Valhalla, Dam of 1sr WSE National & 1st Welsh, 1st UK, 12th Ace Bird Derby Arona Averages.

The season has got off to an incredible start for our existing test loft birds. In the first race Mr and Mrs Winder recorded 2nd, 9th,10th and 30th Federation from 2,261 birds. And in the second race N.Bright & Son recorded 7th Federation from 3,478 birds.

Mr and Mrs Winder clocked the following test loft birds in the first race:- 2nd Federation pigeon was a daughter of Rasbull 66 x Rasbull Boudicea. 9th Federation was a Grandchild of Rasbull Semtex, 10th Federation was a Grandchild of Rasbull Semtex and 30th Federation was the nestmate of Rasbull Maximum, the 1st WSE National winner, Rhondda Valley Bird of the Year and Best Young Bird in Wales.)

N.Bright & Son clocked a test loft bird to finish 7th Federation in the second race having already been 4th Club in the first race with the same pigeon. This hen is a Grandchild of Rasbull Semtex.

We are planning on making some alterations to the loft in the next couple of weeks which will enable us to better lay out the loft for next years breeding season which is already been planned. We currently have 17 pairs in the loft and there is a round of 28 youngsters due to be weaned shortly with another 20 eggs being sat at present. Planning at Rasbull Lofts never stops as we strive for better and better results!

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