Monday, 16 August 2010

2 more back!

On return home from work today I was pleased to see 2 more race birds from yesterday. I was especially pleased as out of the 7 these 2 were the ones I would have picked to get back if I could!

I have been looking through my results and have worked out the following:- I started the 1st race with 26 birds and currently I have 17 of those in the loft after 3 races. I started with 13 of my own bred birds and currently still have 11. I started with 13 Foreigners and currently have 6! So in total with the late breds in the loft I have 34 young ones in total left.

The Europa Birds were trained from 70 miles today and the result was a little disappointing but judging the times there was very little in it. The results of the syndicate birds were 119th, 232nd, 646th, 714th, 732nd, 825th out of the 877 that were timed in. So they obviously need to improve and believe the training is going to be from longer distances with a 120 mile toss thrown in as well some time this week. All 6 still in the race that is the important thing!

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