Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Europa Birds tested today!

The Europa birds were trained today from 100 miles and the result shows the field were well spaced out with the winning bird timed at 12.53 and the final one in the clock 837th at 15.32! The wind has been blowing a gale all day here in Brecon so the birds would have found the going tough on the journey back to Cardiff!

The positions of the share syndicate birds with their times is brackets are as follows:-

Winner was clocked 12.53

73rd (12.55), 179th (12.58), 237th (12.58), 308th (12.59) 612th (13.09), 641 (13.11)

So a tough training toss for the birds but this is why we sent them to be tested. All 6 syndicate birds remain in the loft and that can only be positive!

This weeks 5th Hotspot is due to be on Friday but may be sooner if weather permits! Watch this space!

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