Thursday, 26 August 2010

Right whats the plans?

With just 5 races left for the season I have been thinking a lot about the future of the loft.
As it stands we have 9 birds that have raced 177 miles, 1 who has raced 97 miles and 2 who have been trained up to 37 miles. I have 12 late breds in the loft, as well as a special pair of youngsters from my number 1 stock pair who are still in the nest!
This weeks race is from Newbury (97miles) and I am going to be sending all 10 birds who have raced as well as the two who have been trained. The weather has been dreadful all week and I have been unable to get the birds out of the loft. This is not too much of a concern as the marathon of a Maidstone race was on Monday and 2 birds returned Tuesday so they have had a well earned rest. I will use this race as preparation for the Folkstone (200 mile) race the following week.
For the Folkstone race it is our breeder/buyer and I currently have 6 who are eligible. I will not send the 2 birds who will be having their first race on Saturday but the other 9 will be expected to go.
The moult will be progressing quite rapidly by this time and with the Lilliers race the following week and with it being the final of the Europa Classic we will not be sending.
That will then leave 2 comeback races from Swindon (76 miles). The 12 latebreds will not be ready in time for either of them so I will see how the 12 race birds are doing regarding the moult and they can go to these.
Breeding wise I have been planning what I want and what will be making way. I have highlighted 3 or 4 new additions that I hope to add to the stock loft and these will brought into Rasbull Lofts when they become available. At this moment in time I am looking to take 8-10 pairs of stock through the winter and up to 24 race birds so quite manageable!

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