Sunday, 1 August 2010

Fantastic day all round!

Well we have had a great start to the season. Out of the 26 birds we entered for the race, 25 are home safe and sound in the loft. The 26th went into a club mates loft 20 miles away. I picked the bird up and tossed it out on the Beacons on the way home, about 15 mile away - if 1 is expected to fly the distance they all are! I do not allow skivers in my loft. I hope he returns but he doesnt then he is not worth keeping. The birds were quite spaced out and worked hard to get home even though it was only a 76 mile race. The other members in the club have had indifferent returns with the best being 19/20 and the worst 2/20. So to get all but 1 of mine home on their first race I am chuffed to bits with. Out of the section (the 3 lofts within 2 miles of each other) I finished 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th! In the club out of the 227 birds that went I finished 7th and out of the 12 members who sent I finished 4th. So I am over the moon and will give me a great platform to improve and I have no doubt they will improve for the next race.

The birds are going to be trained and trained hard again this week with 35 mile training tosses planned for the next 4 days prior to the race. I am planning on going with 2 club members tomorrow and will be liberating the birds all together.

In the Europa Classic the syndicate birds put in a good performance in todays 40 mile trainer with 5 out of the 6 timed within 1 minute of the winner. Their positions were 99th, 104th, 127th, 160th, 163rd and 754th. So all still in the race and I am hoping they put in a big performance in the next hotspot on Friday from 100 miles.

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