Monday, 23 August 2010

Mixed Fortunes!

What a stinker of a race the Welsh South East Combine had today from Maidstone! The weather was unbelievable and turned the race into a marathon for these youngsters! I sent 15 and to date have had 7 which judging from others is good returns. Some top flyers are missing huge amounts with reports of 2 from 15, 1 from 16, 2 from 14 etc. The birds have really had to work to get back home today and throughout Wales there will be a lot of empty perches in fanciers lofts tonight!
Although I only had 7 back I achieved my best finish in club racing since starting back up in the sport with 2nd, 6th, 7th and 8th in the club. This was achieved despite a lack of south wind. What I will be hoping for now is a strong south wind for the Folkstone race in 2 weeks time!
So all in all, shocked the birds were liberated, mixed feelings about the returns and over the moon with the result in the club!
However, it is not 1st place and 'Defeat is not an Option' so the birds will be back hard at work come Wednesday ready for the Newbury race on Saturday!
A special mention to my Brother Neil, who took 9th in todays race and had 3 out of 6 return in his first ever season. Well done!

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