Friday, 27 August 2010

10 Gone!

I checked over the birds tonight and out of the 14 in the loft, I was planning to send 12. However, handling them prior to basketing two of them had hardly any tail feathers and as they have flown 177 miles I decided to leave in the loft. The other 2 left behind were the one who has broken his ankle and a bird I had return 2 weeks late from Guildford (131 miles). He arrived back this morning. 2 birds out of the 10 are having their first race and a pigeon which returned last week after being away for 2 weeks is back in the basket. How these 3 do I haven't got a clue but the other 7 I am hoping come through ok. The birds handled well although haven't pleased me in exercise this week and I am not holding out much hope for a repeat of last weeks excellent result in the club. The wind is the worst possible for them so I am expecting them to off the pace this week in the club result.
A pigeon who keeps going to a club mate sure enough hasn't let me down again from last weeks 177 mile race. He arrived the following morning with my club mate! This is his 3rd time he has dropped in from 3 races. He will not race again this season and I will pair him up and train him back up next year and if he goes there again will be transferred. He keeps coming but to the wrong loft!!!!
I also have one to pick up from Burnham on Sea on Sunday. He is in a rescue centre after I lost him in a training toss from 14 miles away. It was a dreadful toss and lost 10 altogether in their first at that distance. I only had 3 on the night from 44! So how this pigeon has crossed the Bristol channel is crazy, but that is pigeon racing for you!
Back to the race and 7 members sent 109 birds. I will update tomorrow evening on how we got on but not holding out much hope. They have mainly gone as a preparation race for next weeks Folkstone race. For the shorter races its almost impossible to be amongst the club result from our position but we will see what tomorrow brings!

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