Thursday, 19 August 2010

Europa 4th Hotspot!

Todays 4th Hotspot from 110 miles was a great success for the Syndicate birds with 3 being in the top 65 and all within 5 seconds of the winner! All 6 syndicate birds have returned to the loft and their positions are 37th, 54th, 65th, 175th, 521st and 646th from the 925 that were in the race.

The birds are improving with each Hotspot and below shows the improvement they are making as the distance increases!

06601 - 1001st, 681st, 207th and now today 54th!
06607 - 710st, 851st, 124th and now 37th
06604 - 728th, 318th, 197th and now 175th
04668 - 753rd, 566th, 145th and now 65th

So all looking great as we start to get to the real distance where the cream rises to the top and leave the also rans behind! I have every faith in the syndicate birds and believe they will not be letting any of our shareholders down come the final race!

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