Sunday, 15 August 2010

Down but not out and plenty to work with!

Todays race from Guildford turned out to be disappointing in truth. Out of the 19 birds I sent I have had only 12 back tonight! I was 6 minutes behind the club winner, and finished 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 6th section, 9th in the club from the 193 birds that were sent. It was always going to be a hard race with the strong North wind but to lose 7 is not ideal!
I plan to give them a hammering this week in training in an attempt to shape them up a little. I am hoping to get them out to 35 miles at least 3 times next week. I will also change the food and quantity in an attempt to be more competitive. Next weeks race is from Maidstone (177 miles) and mine will have done plenty of work in preparation for the race!!!

P.s I would like to give a special mention to Mr Roderick a club mate who thought he had timed the winning Breeder/Buyer in the club and almost killed himself trying to get to the knock-off so fast to have his clock checked! However, he was to finish 4th in the competition. But a good effort all the same!

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