Thursday, 12 August 2010


The birds had a training toss tonight from 14 miles and out of the 22 I sent, dropped 1. This was one the cat had a few weeks back and was having his first toss since. I have had to put two of the race team by as they are nursing injuries sustained from wires from Training the other day and they didnt go this evening.
The young ones are really starting to moult out at the minute and I wish they had been on darkness really as it is going to get harder and harder to compete with them falling to bits!
I plan on sending 19 this week to Guildford (133 miles). The are basketing on Saturday so I hope to get another toss into them tomorrow hopefully from 27 miles. They have done very little work this week. So they are in need of the toss tomorrow and all being well will come through ok.

The Europa birds were trained from 35 miles again today. Only 5 of 6 were timed in however. They all clocked within 1 minute of the winner. Their positions were 131st, 256th, 297th, 392nd and 463rd.
They were also basketed tonight for tomorrows hotspot from 120 miles. I was pleased to see that the basket list included the missing bird from tondays training result so a full team will take to the starting blocks tomorrow along with 946 birds in total.
I have no idea who I fancy and cant make my mind up who I am going to do in the pools. I have gone for syndicate 1 bird the previous two occasions but on both times he has disappointed. I will give it some thought before deciding. Hopefully they will put up a better performance than the previous 2 hotspots as I have been bitterly disappointed with them up to now. In training they have been peppering the top 200 all the time but come the hotspots they have not performed! Hopefully they can put that right starting tomorrow! It should be a good one!

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