Thursday, 5 August 2010

Training went ok

The birds were trained this evening from 18 miles with 2 other batches. They cleared ok, but hung around further down the valley which I was not happy about. I want them clearing and heading for home as quickly as possible. I am hoping the weather is good for tomorrow evening as another toss from 27 miles is planned. The race has been confirmed as expected for Sunday. I and the other 2 fanciers all had 100% returns tonight but 4 of mine didnt want to trap and stayed out. Needless to say they have gone without food tonight and no doubt will be the first through the trap tomorrow. I also had a bird back in the loft on my return that I lost from the Cwmbran toss about a week ago. No idea where she has been but is home safe and sound. Also just picked one up that was reported in Blackwood so that is also back in the loft.

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