Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Things looking better tonight!

Well today has seen the return of 4 of the 5 missing young birds from the training toss last evening. However, it looks like they hit wires as two of the four that have returned have gashes and cuts down their chests. They are two of my race bird team so this will put them on the sidelines for a little while. I wasn't sure which birds were missing last night but upon closer inspection I have been able to establish that the missing young bird was not one of the race team and a youngster that returned late from the bad Cwmbran training toss about 10 days late. It was having his first training toss since his return so out of them all that would be the one I would choose to lose if I had to pick one. The other plus point was the late bred that has been out for two nights finally come in tonight and that now sees all the new ones who were let out back in the loft.
I have tonight vaccinated all the new latebreds which needed to be done. The weather was lovely this evening but I spent it doing jobs around the loft and the vaccinating. I will try and get a training toss in tomorrow, hopefully from 27 miles to make sure they are sharp. This weeks race is now on Sunday so they will have an extra day for training again this week.

The Europa birds were trained again today from 35 miles and 5 out of 6 were clocked within 15 seconds of the winner to record 122nd, 233rd, 258th, 289th, 326th. The 6th bird was 1 minute and 9 seconds behind the winner and was placed 776th. The number of birds timed in was the lowest so far with 913 being recorded. The 120 mile Hotspot on Friday will hopefully space the birds out a bit and I think there may be some losses. Hopefully the 'Rockets' will all return safely to the loft, be in good time and achieve a creditable position.

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