Friday, 27 August 2010

5th Hotspot Europa Classic

The 5th Hotspot was flown today from 160 miles. 884 pigeons raced and by 3pm 818 had timed in. We had all 6 syndicate birds participating. The syndicate pigeons recorded the following:-

Winning pigeon arrived 9.51.35

96th (9.52.04), 224th (9.55.26), 320th (9.56.41), 584th (10.00.44), 599th (10.01.21)

As can be seen only 5 of the 6 syndicate birds have timed in, the one that is missing is a Europa Venturer that we activated after the 1st Hotspot.

Our 1st pigeon has now been our best pigeon in the last 3 hotspots and has recorded 124th (22 secs behind the winner), 37th (3 secs behind the winner) and now 96th (29 secs behind the winner). She is bred from 'Rasbull Trish' who herself was 24th Open, 250 miles and 9th Ace Bird in 2009! So hopefully this little hen can go a few steps higher up the result sheet come the final race!

The other syndicate pigeons were all timed within 10 minutes of the winner. All 5 hopefully now have earned the right for a crack at the big one! So good luck to all shareholders!

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