Friday, 13 August 2010

3rd Hotspot - Europa

The 3rd Hotspot was raced today with a reduced distance. Instead of the planned 120 miles they ended up 25 miles shorter at 95 miles. The reason for this I am not yet sure of, but will more than likely be due to the weather.
The birds recorded 124th, 145th, 197th, 207th, 593rd and 792nd out of the 948 birds that were sent. Our first birds was 22 seconds behind the winner, and our first 4 were timed within 2 minutes of the winner. Even our last bird was clocked within 9 minutes of the winner.

Looking at the results the birds have had so far it is very pleasing to see that the birds results for the majority of the syndicate birds are improving each Hotspot they are sent.

06601 - 1001st, 681st and now 207th
06607 - 710th, 851st and now 124th
06604 - 728th, 318th and now 197th
04668 - 753rd, 566th and now 145th

So very promising as the race distance increases. All 6 syndicate birds still in the loft after the 3rd Hotspot and what we need to remember is that these Hotspots are bonus races and they were entered in an attempt to win the big one! They appear to be getting themselves into form each week and that is a good thing!

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