Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Preparing for Maidstone!

The race team have been loft flown this week so far for about 45 minutes each evening. I have changed the food in readiness for the race on Sunday from Maidstone, 171 miles, with the Welsh South East Combine. I lost my first bird off the loft last evening when the race team were out for a fly. I let 19 out and only 18 were in the loft at feeding time! I checked through them quickly to discover the missing bird was '15'. This pigeon has had 3 races up to 131 miles and was one of the most consistent birds in the team. I have no idea where he has gone but he hasn't shown up today either so not looking good for him.

I decided to give the birds a training toss tonight from 35 miles and decided it was time to send the whole lot. I have had 4 birds who were recovering from injuries and had healed up so in they went as well as 2 birds who had returned from previous training tosses late. So in total 18 were basketed up and liberated in Shirenewton. The birds made it back in 49 minutes so quite pleased with that but I am missing 2 at present. One is my most consistent young bird being 3rd, 3rd, and 1st bird home in the previous 3 races and was 10th Club last week, 193 birds. The other is another bird who has had 3 races so far. So out of the birds I was expecting to drop these were certainly not amongst them! But plenty of time yet for them to work back. ***Update*** '19' has just returned before nightfall!

The Europa birds trained today from 50 miles and recorded 221st, 233rd, 240th, 284th, 378th and 387th from the 900 that were timed in! All 6 timed within 2 minutes of the winner.
The 4th Hotspot is being flown tomorrow they are going a minimum of 110 miles and hoping to get to 160 miles depending on the weather. Hoping all the syndicate birds put in a good performance and make it back! Good luck to all share holders for tomorrow!

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