Friday, 6 August 2010

Tough toss

Tonights training has been a hard one with the birds coming in batches from 27 miles. The weather at the home end was light rain and low cloud. The birds were liberated from Usk at 6.30pm. They cleared well. On arrival home 17 were in the loft and I was missing 8. Four then flew over the house and the the other 3 arrived on their own. The trapping was once again shambolic with 4 refusing to enter the loft. I am putting this down to the change of feed I have given over the last 3-4 days which I think is starting to have an effect. With this in mind the feeding I regime I had planned for tonight was scrapped and altered slightly to take into account the lack of hunger! I am currently down 1 bird and I know my one mate is missing 1 of his as well. His arrived in batches as well. I have not heard how my brother has got on and how many he has home but I am hoping they are good. The birds will now rest until tomorrow night when they will be basketed up and taken to the club ready for Sundays race from Newbury (97 miles). I am looking at sending 25, but if the one is not back by tonight it will be down to 24. I have not picked up the race bird from a club mate as yet that was missing from the race last week, so he will have a week of training before he goes into a race again.

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