Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Youngsters out!

I have been busy putting in some work with the youngsters the last few days. I have now got 24 out flying and they will be grouping now within a week. I have also broke some of the whites I have purchased for the Dove Release company I am in the process of setting up. I have 12 in total and tried breaking 6 tonight, 4 of which are back in. Hopefully I will get the other 2 back tomorrow but they are very strong. I will be glad now when I have everything going out and flying.

The race birds have had a quiet time so far this week and have been out around the loft but haven't put in much flying. I have let them get on with it while I have been messing around with the youngsters. They have been fed light, so I am not to concerned.
I have fed them a bit heavier tonight and now the build up to Saturdays race will begin. I will train from 26 miles tomorrow afternoon and they will also go again Thursday. I then plan another early Friday morning. I hope this will put them in good form and condition for the race from Newbury from 97 miles.

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