Saturday, 2 April 2011

Crash, bang, wallop!

Opps spoke too soon! Took the birds to the same place as yesterday - 16 miles. Let my 13 hens go first and they headed straight for home, 5 mins later my brother let his 7 cocks go and they headed straight towards home as well. Finally I let my 8 cocks go and they also cleared straight away and we could see them in the distance hammering home. I arrived back at the loft expecting to see all birds in the loft. To my surprise only 7 cocks were there (they were the last ones liberated). I Phoned my brother and he had nothing back. About hour later 3 hens dropped on the loft and another hour 2 arrived back with the last one coming about half hour ago. My brother has had 4 out of 7 and all his have come on their own, one with damaged flights as though he has dived through something to hide in hurry. Nightmare but hoping we get a few more back later this evening!

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