Friday, 29 April 2011

Loft flying

The race birds have been exercising with my youngsters the last few days and I love this time of the season as the young birds fly with such enthusiasm the old birds can't help but try to keep up with them. I feel this is great for the race birds as they are having up to 1 hour flies at a time as opposed to 20-25 minutes when they are out on their own. I hope this will help raise the fitness of the birds come race days. Due to working early I am working on a system where old and young go out about 3pm and fly for an hour. They are fed very lightly on depurative and then they are going out again about 7pm and put in another 30-45 minutes before being fed well for the night. This seems to be working at present and hopefully with a few minor adjustments will get all the birds into good form and condition.

This weeks race appears to be nothing more than a training toss for the birds as my brother is away this weekend so will not be able to take me to the club. I will not be able to clock in this week and that is a shame but the most important thing for me at the moment is to prepare the birds for the longer races in the coming weeks so although I am not actually 'racing' the birds do not know that and it will be another step up the ladder in readiness for what is ahead! I am probably going to be sending 9 this week and I have 3 on the injured list. The hens are putting in tremendous work when out with the youngsters and I have a feeling these will be beating my cocks when Sundays race comes!

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