Saturday, 9 April 2011

Another disaster!

In attempting to entice the youngsters back to the loft I took the decision to let my race hens out prior to work at 7am. On returning home one was missing. On closer inspection I found the dead hen at the back of the loft which had been killed by a hawk. Gutted to say the least! So my plan backfired but on the other hand did have 3 more youngsters back in so that has taken me back up to 20. 1 is still sitting on the house roof so when and if that comes in will leave me down 7! There are birds in the sky all the time and I dare say 1 or 2 are my youngsters so hoping to get a couple more back at least. I will be glad when everything settles back down what with racing on Saturday as this is far from the ideal build up to it!

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